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Museum Store

If you've been looking for a Museum Store full of Museum Collectibles or Museum Gifts and Jewelry - Look no further! Welcome to The Aurora History Boutique, the museum store for enthusiasts, history reenactors, history collectors or those seeking unique or rare history gifts and historic replicas. Enter our museum shop to find an assortment of historical mementos and artifacts representing the most significant periods in history.

Our museum store offers authentic reproductions from some of the most historically significant international museums: The Louvre, The British Museum, The National Archaeological Museum in Athens, The Egyptian Museum at Cairo, The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. Each museum replica is reproduced using the highest quality materials and techniques necessary to achieve an accurate representation of the original artifact, and comes with a description card that provides background on the history, mythology, location and main characteristics of the original.

Inside you'll find an assortment of museum products representing the most significant periods in history, including: Egyptian Art, Oriental and Budhist Art, Hindu Art, Greek Sculptures, Neo-Classic Art, Celtic Art, Pre-Columbian Art, Mesopotamian and Assyrian Art, Ancient Goddesses, Archangels and Religious sculptures and historically accurate museum replica weapons.

Featured Museum Store Product:
Hector & Andromache and Paris & Helen during the Trojan war, 540 B.C.
Chalkidian Krater. Exact Museum Replica. In this style, the figures were painted black on the reddish orange surface of the vases. Details within the silhouetted figures were incised before firing. Occasionally white or purple was added to the figure with the female flesh usually painted white. Human figures drawn with greater skill appeared...
Item Code: M000067 Our Price: $712.95
View Details: Hector & Andromache and Paris & Helen during the Trojan war, 540 B.C.
Hector & Andromache and Paris & Helen during the Trojan war, 540 B.C.
Pre-Historic Museum Replicas
Replica Fossils
Replica Fossils Trilobite, Hadrosaur Egg, Ammonite, Mammoth Tooth, Crinoid, Fossil Shark Tooth,
Replica Human Skulls
Replica Human Skulls Homo Erectus Cranium, Neandertal Cranium, Neandertal Skull, Human Male Skull
Replica Dinosaur Fossils
Replica Dinosaur Fossils Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull, Triceratops Skull, Saber Tooth Cat Skull, Utahraptor Claw
Ancient Museum Replicas
Assyrian Replicas
Assyrian Replicas Assyrian protective spirit, Assyrian eagle headed spirit, Ashurnasirpal relief, Ashubanipal hunting
Ancient Replica Goddesses
Ancient Replica Goddesses Venus of Willendorf, Nile River Goddess, Ishtar, Minoan Snake Goddess, Dreamer of Malta
Ancient Egyptian Replicas
Ancient Egpytian Replicas Mask of King Tutankhamun, The Rosetta Stone, Egyptian Cat Bastet, Horus Falcon, Anubis Relief
Ancient Greek Replicas
Ancient Greek Replicas Ancient Greek Swords, Ancient Greek Pottery, Ancient Greek Coins, more...
Ancient Roman Replicas
Ancient Roman Replicas Lorica Segmentata, Roman Wooden Scutum, Authentic Caracalla Coin, Roman Legion Helmet - Gallic G
Ancient Oriental Replicas
Bronze Buda Replica
Religious Replicas
Catalonian Flintlock
Hindu Replicas
Bronze Hindu Replicas
Medieval and Pre-Columbian Museum Replicas
Celtic Replicas
Celtic Cross
Mayan Replicas
Mayan Replicas
Aztec Replicas
Aztec Replicas

Museum Store Products - Complete List (419):

  • 1896 - Olympic Torch Replica
  • Achilles & Ajax playing - 400 B.C.
  • Achilles & Ajax playing a board game - 470 B.C.
  • Achilles & Penthesileia at duel
  • Achilles killing the Queen of Amazons, Penthesileia - Exact Museum Replica
  • African Lion Skull with stand
  • Alexander the Great Bust
  • Allosaurus in Rock
  • American Lion Skull with stand
  • Ammonite
  • Ammonite II
  • Ankh Box
  • Ankh Candle Holder
  • Ankh relief with color detail
  • Ankh Statue
  • Ankh Statue
  • Ankh Statue Wall Plaque
  • Ankh Wall Hanging
  • Anubis Box
  • Anubis Embalming or Protecting Pose Statue (Red Anubis)
  • Anubis Relief
  • Anubis Relief
  • Anubis Relief
  • Anubis Relief - Painted
  • Anubis Relief - Painted
  • Anubis Relief - Small
  • Anubis Relief Painted
  • Anubis Seated
  • Anubis Statue on Marble Base
  • Anubis Wall Relief - Small with color details
  • Aphrodite (Venus Genetrix)
  • Aphrodite of Melos Statue
  • Arcadian Full Size Helmet - 550 B.C.
  • Archaic bronze patina - 480 B.C.
  • Archaic bronze patina - 500 B.C.
  • Archaic bronze patina - 500 B.C.
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Archangel Gabriel - Painted
  • Archangel Gabriel sounding the trumpet
  • Archangel Gabriel sounding the trumpet
  • Archangel Gabriel sounding the trumpet - Painted
  • Archangel Gabriel Wall Relief
  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Michael - Painted
  • Archangel Michael slaying the Devil
  • Archangel Michael slaying the devil
  • Archangel Michael Wall Relief
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Uriel
  • Argeian Full Size Helmet - 670 B.C.
  • Artemis the Huntress
  • Ashurnasirpal Relief
  • Assyrian Eagle Headed Spirit Wall Plaque
  • Assyrian Protective Spirit Wall Plaque
  • Athena
  • Athena fighting the Titans - 410 B.C.
  • Athena in full armour-Back side Athletes running 560 B.C.
  • Athena mourning - Wine Kylix
  • Athena Relief
  • Athenian Full Size Helmet û 440 B.C.
  • Attic style decoration - Serving Plate
  • Australopithecus afarensis Cranium with stand
  • Australopithecus afarensis skull with stand
  • Australopithecus africanus Cranium with stand
  • Aztec Sun Stone Replica
  • Baboon Skull with stand
  • Baby Mammoth Tooth
  • Bastet Egyptian Cat Candle Holder
  • Buffalo Cranium
  • Buffalo Cranium
  • Bust of Aphrodite
  • Bust of Cleopatra
  • Bust of King Akhenaton
  • Bust of Queen Hatshepsut
  • Bust of Queen Nefertiti
  • Bust of Queen Nefertiti
  • Bust of Ramses II
  • Canopic Jar of Duamutef
  • Canopic Jar of Hapi
  • Canopic Jar of Imseti
  • Canopic Jar of Quebehsenuef
  • Cartouche box of King Tut
  • Caryatid Column
  • Celtic Cross of Duplin
  • Celtic Cross of St. Patrick
  • Celtic Cross wall relief
  • Celtic Crucifix of Athlone
  • Celtic Sun Cross
  • Chariot before the race - 600 B.C.
  • Chariot before the race - Black figured Attic Hydria
  • Chimpanzee Skull with stand
  • Chimpanzee Skull with stand
  • Cleopatra Posing as Isis Relief - Painted
  • Corinthian Full Size Helmet - 540 B.C.
  • Coronation scene of Seti I - Painted Relief
  • Coronation scene of Seti I Relief
  • Crawling Baby Ganesh statue
  • Cretan Full Size Helmet û 1100 B.C.
  • Crinoid
  • Cycladic Goddess Standing Statue
  • Cycladic Lovers with Arms Interlocking Statue
  • Cycladic Thinker Statue
  • Delphian Full Size Helmet û 440 B.C.
  • Diana of Ephesus
  • Dionysus & Maenads - 540. B.C.
  • Dionysus Travel to Naxos - Black figured Kylix
  • Dionysus, Aphrodite & Eros - 340 B.C.
  • Dire Wolf Skull with stand
  • Dreamer of Malta
  • Egyptian Cat Bastet Black Finish 9.5 inches
  • Egyptian Cat Bastet Miniature Statue
  • Egyptian Cat Bastet Statue
  • Egyptian Cat Bastet Statue
  • Egyptian Cat Bastet Statue
  • Egyptian Cat Bastet Statue - Large
  • Egyptian Cat Miniature Statue
  • Egyptian Cat Statue
  • Egyptian Frog Goddess Heket
  • Egyptian Gods Seated Miniatures, Set of 6
  • Egyptian Musicians
  • Egyptian Musicians Painted Relief
  • Egyptian Obelisk
  • Egyptian Obelisk with Hieroglyphs Paperweight
  • Egyptian Priest Relief - Painted
  • Egyptian Princess Relief Painted
  • Egyptian Ram Miniature Statue
  • Egyptian Sacred Animal Statues Miniatures, Set of 4
  • Egyptian Scarab - Black
  • Egyptian Scarab - Painted
  • Egyptian Scarab Candle Holder
  • Egyptian Scarab Relief
  • Egyptian Scarab with Hieroglyphs, Black Finish
  • Egyptian Scarab with Hieroglyphs, Gold Finish
  • Egyptian sphinx candle holder
  • Egyptian Sphinx Miniature, Gold and Color 4 inches long
  • Egyptian Sphinx Statue
  • Egyptian Sphinx Statue
  • Egyptian Sphinx, Gold and Color finish - 7 inches long
  • Eternal Springtime by Rodin
  • Eye of Horus Box
  • Eye of Horus Candle Holder
  • Eye of Horus Oudjat Wedjat Egyptian Relief
  • Eye of Horus Relief
  • Eye of Horus Statue
  • Eye of Horus Wall Relief with color detail
  • Fossil Shark Tooth with stand
  • Full Body Spartan Armor û 490 B.C.
  • Full Body Spartan Armor û 490 B.C.- 23 in.
  • Gallen Priory Cross
  • Goddess Maat paying homage to Hathor Relief with color detail
  • Greek Hellenistic Wrestlers Statue
  • Greek Set of 10 Miniature Statues
  • Greek Sphinx
  • Greek Sphinx Statue
  • Greek Warriors Relief
  • Grizzly Bear Skull
  • Grizzly Bear Skull with Stand
  • Guardian Wearing Khat from King Tut Tomb, Large
  • Guardian Wearing Khat from King Tut Tomb, Small
  • Guardian Wearing Nemes from King Tut Tomb, Large
  • Guardian Wearing Nemes from King Tut Tomb, Small
  • Hadrosaur Egg
  • Hathor Relief
  • Head of Anubis
  • Head of Hygeia Statue
  • Head of Zeus
  • Hecate, Greek Triple Goddess Statue
  • Hector & Andromache and Paris & Helen during the Trojan war, 540 B.C.
  • Heracles fighting the Centaurs - 480 B.C.
  • Heracles in the house of Eurytos - 660 B.C.
  • Hercules & the dog Kerveros - Exact Museum Replica
  • Hercules & the lion of Nemea - Black Figured Kylix
  • High Celtic Cross of Muiradeach
  • Homo erectus Cranium with stand
  • Homo habilis Cranium with stand
  • Hoplophoneous Skull with stand
  • Horus Falcon Miniature Statue
  • Horus Falcon Relief
  • Horus Falcon Statue, Gold and Color Details
  • Horus Falcon, Miniature Statue, Gold and Color - 3.5 inches tall
  • Horus Relief
  • Horus Relief Painted
  • Horus Seated Statue - 10 inches tall
  • Human Female Skull with stand
  • Human Male Skull with stand
  • Ishtar statue
  • Isis and Queen Nefertari Wall Plaque
  • Isis Mirror
  • Isis nursing Horus
  • Isis Nursing Horus Miniature Statue
  • Isis Nursing Horus Statue
  • Isis Nursing Horus Statue Black Finiish
  • Isis Protecting Osiris Statue
  • Isis Relief
  • Isis relief
  • Isis relief - Large
  • Isis relief - Large Painted
  • Isis Relief - Painted
  • Isis Relief Painted
  • Isis Statue on Marble Base
  • Isle of Lewis Celtic Chess Set (board and pieces)
  • Khnum The Creator Egyptian Standing Statue
  • King Akhenaton Offering to Aton Wall Plaque
  • King Akhenaton Standing with Crook and Flail Statue
  • King Akhenaton, Nefertiti & Daughters Relief
  • King Tutankhamun & Wife Ankhesenamun
  • King Tutankhamun Hunting Statue
  • King Tutankhamun Hunting Statue
  • Kneeling Anubis Statue
  • Kneeling Isis Relief
  • Kneeling Winged Isis Candle Holder
  • Kneeling winged Isis Miniature Statue
  • Lakshmi statue
  • Large Amun-Ra Statue
  • Large Anubis coffin with mummy inside
  • Large Anubis Statue
  • Large Archangel Gabriel
  • Large Archangel Michael
  • Large Archangel Raphael
  • Large Archangel Raphael - Painted
  • Large Archangel Uriel
  • Large Ashurbanipal Hunting Relief
  • Large Bastet Statue
  • Large coffin of King Tutankhamun with small King Tut inside
  • Large Egyptian cat Bastet Bronze Finish Earrings
  • Large Hathor Statue
  • Large Horus Statue
  • Large Isis candle holder
  • Large Isis Statue
  • Large Isis Statue
  • Large Kneeling Winged Isis Statue
  • Large Kneeling Winged Isis Statue
  • Large Kuan-Yin with Baby statue
  • Large Maat Statue
  • Large Osiris Statue
  • Large Ptah Statue
  • Large Ra-Harakti Statue
  • Large Sekhmet Statue
  • Large Selket Statue
  • Large Seth Statue
  • Large Sobek Statue
  • Large standing winged Isis Statue
  • Large Thoth Statue
  • Leda & the Swan
  • Little Dancer by Degas - Small
  • Lowland Gorilla Skull with stand
  • Maat Relief
  • Maat Relief Painted
  • Macedonian Full Size Helmet û 330 B.C.
  • Mammoth Tooth with stand
  • Mask of King Tutankhamun
  • Mask of King Tutankhamun - Medium
  • Mask of King Tutankhamun (Life size)
  • Mask of King Tutankhamun (Wall plaque)
  • Mask of King Tutankhamun Wall plaque (Life size)
  • Mask of Pan
  • Medicine Buddha statue
  • Medium Kneeling Winged Isis Statue
  • Minoan Double Axe û 1450 B.C.
  • Minoan Snake Goddess
  • Moon Fest Jewish Lunar Calendar Plaque
  • Mountain Lion Skull with stand
  • Mummification Anubis with Coffin Statue - Small
  • Mummification Statue
  • Mummification Wall Plaque Painted
  • Museum Quality Replica Hydria - Water Storage Vessel
  • Museum Quality Replica Vase
  • Museum Quality Replica Vase of Achilles & Ajax Playing Game
  • Museum Quality Replica Vase of Athena in Full Armor at Chariot Race
  • Museum Quality Replica Vase of Trojan War Heroes & Achilles
  • Naturalistic Attic design - 600 B.C.
  • Neandertal Cranium with stand
  • Neandertal Skull with stand
  • Nefertari Receives Breath of Life from Isis Relief - color details
  • Nefertiti and Her Daughters Egyptian Relief
  • Nefertiti Egyptian Queen Bust, Color Details
  • Nile River Goddess
  • Odyseeus returns home - 450 B.C.
  • Oil Pitcher - Lagini
  • Olive Harvesters - Black Figured Amphora
  • Olympian Athletes - 670 B.C.
  • Olympian Full Size Helmet - 410 B.C.
  • Orangutan Skull with stand
  • Osiris Relief
  • Osiris Relief Painted
  • Oviraptor Egg with stand
  • Palenque Sarcophagus Lid Replica
  • Pan Statue
  • Parthenon Horse
  • Pericles Athenian Statesman Bust
  • Phaethon, son of the Sun - Wine Kylix
  • Pharaoh Khefren (Khafre) Seated Miniature, 4 inches height
  • Pharaoh Seti I Offering to Amun-Ra Relief
  • Pictish Cross
  • Poseidon Relief
  • Ptolemaic Relief
  • Ptolemaic Relief - Painted
  • Pyramid Box
  • Pyramid of the Gods Statue
  • Queen Nefertari Statue on Marble Base
  • Queen Nefertari wall plaque
  • Ram Miniature Egyptian with Sun Disk - Gold color 4 inches long
  • Ramses II as a Child Relief
  • Ramses II at the battle of Kadesh Relief
  • Reclining Anubis Miniature Statue
  • Reclining Anubis Relief
  • Reclining Anubis the Jackal Statue - 7 inches long
  • Reclining Anubis with Hieroglyphs Wall Relief
  • Reclining Kuan-Yin statue
  • Rosetta Stone Bookends
  • Saber Tooth
  • Saber Tooth Cat Skull
  • Saber Tooth Cat Skull 2
  • Satyr pursuing Maenad - Black figured Kylix
  • Scarab Box
  • Scarab Candle Holder
  • Scarab with Hieroglyphs on Underside - Miniature
  • Seated Anubis Miniature Statue
  • Seated Female Figurine
  • Seated Horus Miniature Statue
  • Seated Isis Miniature Statue
  • Seated King Khephren Miniature Statue
  • Seated Maat Egyptian Statue
  • Seated Osiris Miniature Statue
  • Seated Sekhmet Miniature Statue
  • Sekhmet relief
  • Sekhmet Relief Painted
  • Sekhmet Statue
  • Set of Canopic Jars
  • Set of Small Canopic Jars
  • Shell Cluster
  • Sloth Claw with Stand
  • Small Amun-Ra Statue
  • Small Anubis coffin with mummy inside
  • Small Anubis coffin with mummy inside
  • Small Anubis Statue
  • Small Archangel Gabriel
  • Small Archangel Michael
  • Small Archangel Raphael
  • Small Archangel Uriel
  • Small Bastet Statue
  • Small Celtic Cross
  • Small Celtic Sun Cross wall relief
  • Small coffin of King Tut with small King Tut inside
  • Small Egyptian Scarab Black Finish
  • Small Egyptian Scarab Statue
  • Small Egyptian Scarab Statue - Black
  • Small Giza Sphinx
  • Small Hathor Statue
  • Small Horus Statue
  • Small Isis Statue
  • Small Isis Statue
  • Small Kneeling Winged Isis Statue
  • Small Kneeling Winged Isis Statue
  • Small Kuan-Yin with Baby statue
  • Small Maat Statue
  • Small Osiris Statue
  • Small Ptah Statue
  • Small Ra-Harakti Statue
  • Small Sekhmet Statue
  • Small Selket Statue
  • Small Seth Statue
  • Small Sobek Statue
  • Small standing winged Isis Statue
  • Small Thoth Statue
  • Socrates Bust
  • Spartan Full Size Helmet û 490 B.C.
  • Spartan Hoplite Sword circa 480 B.C.
  • Spartan Hoplite Warrior û 480 B.C.
  • Standing Kuan-Yin with Lotus flower statue
  • Stela to Tetisheri
  • The Abduction of Europe - 500 B.C.
  • The Abduction of Europe - Black Figured Hydria
  • The Annunciation Wall Relief
  • The Breath of Life Wall Relief
  • The Contemplative Athena Relief
  • The Goddess Nekhbet Relief Painted
  • The Great Sphinx of Giza Statue
  • The Hippocratic Oath
  • The offering of Maat - Painted Relief
  • The Offering of Maat Relief
  • The Offering of Maat Relief Painted
  • The Rosetta Stone Replica
  • The Sacred Triad Wall Relief
  • The Thinker by Rodin - Large
  • The Thinker by Rodin - Small
  • The Three Graces Wall Relief
  • The Weighing of the Heart Wall Plaque
  • Thespian Full Size Helmet - 480 B.C.
  • Thoth Relief
  • Thoth relief - Large
  • Thoth relief - Large Painted
  • Thoth Relief Painted
  • Tikal Altar Replica
  • Trephined Cranium with stand
  • Triceratops Skull
  • Trilobite
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) Skull
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) Skull 2
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Claw (T-Rex) with Stand
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth (T-Rex) with stand
  • Ushabti Statue on Marble Base
  • Utahraptor Claw with stand
  • Venus of Lespugue
  • Venus of Willendorf
  • Victory Palette of King Narmer Statue
  • Warrior leaving for battle
  • Warriors - 450 B.C.
  • Warriors Dueling - 530 B.C.
  • Winged Isis Relief
  • Winged Isis Relief
  • Winged Isis relief - Painted
  • Winged Isis Votive Candle Holder Large
  • Winged Maat Paying Homage to Hathor
  • Winged Maat Relief
  • Winged Maat Relief with color details
  • Yaxchilan Lintel Relief
  • Zodiac of Denderah Mirror
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