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The Aurora History Boutique Affiliate Program
Dear Prospective Affiliate,
Thank you for your interest in marketing our history themed products. As you may know, affiliate programs are a fantastic way for web publishers to earn passive dividends through the simple promotion of products that seamlessly fit the theme of their website. Our unique selection of products meet the interests of history enthusiasts, collectors and re-enactors while also appealing to a broader audience with an interest in vintage or nostalgic decor.
History Affiliate Program Highlights:
  • 10% Commission Payout

  • 2 Tier Commission Program

  • Market over 4219 history themed products

  • Payouts when your commission reaches $50

  • Tasteful Non-Intrusive Graphics & Banners
    Through the use of tasteful, non-intrusive creative promotional graphics combined with our database driven online store catalog, we offer you the broadest selection of tools necessary to market any of our 4219 products. In addition, we reward our affiliates with a generous first-tier through three-tier commission program and reward our top affiliates with higher payout rates.
    History Affiliate Details
  • Join Our Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Login Area
  • Terms & Conditions
    We recognize that our prospective affiliates may only be interested in particular product lines to match the theme of their website, and therefore, offer our affiliates versatile promotional tools including the following product filters:
    • Ability to promote century specific products (i.e. show only 13th century products)

    • Ability to promote historical era specific products (i.e. show only products related to the U.S. Civil War, Ancient Greece, etc.)

    • Ability to promote unique product categories (i.e. show only products within the Replica Weapons & Armor category;)

    • Ability to promote a unique product line (i.e. show only Crosley Radio products; show only Replica Pistols, only Replica Ships, etc.)

    • Ability to promote a region specific product line (i.e. show only products associated with North America)

    • Ability to promote products by price range

    • A range of promotional banners and buttons catering to particular historical eras or product types

    • Ability to link to a particular product via a unique product code link
    Affiliate Program Details:
    We run a TWO Tier Affiliate Program. First tier commissions pay out at 10% and second tier commissions pay out at 4%. To sign up for the History Affiliate Program - please go to Join Our Affiliate Program.
    Give the gift that tells a story...Give the gift of history.
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