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Vintage Burlesque, Striptease and Exotic Dancer Film Collection

Enlarge  Vintage Burlesque, Striptease and Exotic Dancer Film Collection
AHB-ID: YB00090
D-SKU: A43
Opt: N/A
Price: $14.99
Vintage Burlesque, Striptease and Exotic Dancer Film Collection
Adele Doleman, Betty Blue, Betty Howard, Georgia Sothern, Sandra Storm and Many Others in this Classic Collection of Striptease Videos. This memorable DVD brings back history. Go gack to the 30's to the 50's when burlesque, striptease and the tasteful exotic dancer was big business and the excitement was as much in the anticipation of the show as in the imagination. View classic mid 20th century striptease beauties performing a variety of burlesque shows revealing as much of themselves as was acceptable at the time. While there is very brief nudity in some of the shows, the primary attraction of the classic striptease is the anticipation and the wondering of how far the performer will go in her unrobing. This is an excellent historical memory piece for older men and women and an interesting piece of the history of the striptease and exotic dance for younger men and women.

Category: American History
Era: americana

Product Details:
NAME: Vintage Burlesque, Striptease and Exotic Dancer Film Collection
TYPE: Reproduction
SKU: A43

Vintage Burlesque, Striptease and Exotic Dancer Film Collection

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