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1860s - Confederate Twenty Dollar Bill

1860s - Confederate Twenty Do...
AHB ID:P000023
1860s - Confederate Twenty Dollar Bill
In 1864, the outcome of the Civil War, was becoming more evident as the North began to wear down the South by reeling off consistent victories and having the resources to continue to support the cause.

If the question were asked, "Who was and still is the most hated and despised man in the history of Georgia?" the response would be William Tecumseh Sherman (renowned as a fierce - some would say tyrannical military leader). From the onset of hostilities in the Atlanta Campaign on May 6, 1864 no one created more destruction.

With a grand aggregate of nearly 100,000 troops and more than 250 cannons, Sherman began a siege on the city of Atlanta ( Gone with the Wind takes place during this period ) in the spring of 1864, fighting fierce resistance from Confederate troops under the command of Joe Johnston ( later relieved by General John Bell Hood ). Hood was equally as unsuccessful and the city fell to to the Union troops on September 1, 1864. Sherman declared Atlanta to be a military encampment and gave orders for the city to be evacuated and burned.

Here is an unusual piece with ties to this significant historical event. These $20 Confederate banknotes ( issued in 1862 - 1863 ) were in a bank strong box during the siege and were rescued from the ashes of the charred and smoldering city. All of the notes demonstrate evidence of burning, often along the edge.

The 20 Dollars CSA (Confederate States of America) note is attractively featured in a clear thick acrylic holder frame accompanied by a display easel and a hand signed certificate of authenticity, that refers to each note individually ( by serial number, if it can be read ).

Product Details:
NAME: 1860s - Confederate Twenty Dollar Bill
TYPE: Authentic
SKU: :
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