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Authentic American Revolution Lead Bullet

Authentic American Revolution...
AHB ID:P000001
Authentic American Revolution Lead Bullet
The town, originally known as Pine Tree Hill, was founded by English settlers along the Wateree River in the early 1730ís. In 1768, the name was changed in honor of a colonial supporter of high British birth, known as the 1st Earl of Camden (Charles Pratt).

One of the hottest battles of the American Revolution was fought on this spot on August 16, 1780, shortly after the fall of Charleston (S.C.) to the British.

American General Horatio Gates marched upon the British positions at the town of Camden with a force of 1,400 regulars and 2,000 militia, but Gates was surprised by a British force under the command of Lord Cornwallis. The American force suffered heavy casualties and Gates' military career was ruined. Less than a year later (April 25, 1781) a second attempt at conquering Camden was undertaken by American General Nathaniel Greene (who eventually pushed the British back to the coastline).

Here are the bullets (various mixed calibers) from these two battles.

Product Details:
NAME: Authentic American Revolution Lead Bullet
TYPE: Authentic
SKU: :
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