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HISTORICAL PROPS: Film, Movie, Stage and Theatrical Props

We offer over 1,800 Historical Props for all of your theatrical, movie, film and stage production requirements. Our Historical Props store includes Ancient Greek Props, Ancient Roman Props, Colonial History Props, Pirate Props, U.S. Civil War Props, Old West Props, World War I Props, World War II Props, Cold War Era Props, and more.
Dinosaur Props
Early Human Evolution Props
  • Australopithecus afarensis Props
  • Homo habilis Props
  • Homo erectus Props
  • Neanderthal Props
  • Cro-Magnons Props
    Historical Film and Movie Props
    Are you a film producer in need of historical film props to meet your budget? Our historical film props are affordable, historically accurate and available in quantities. Need sword props, gun props or other props to establish an historically accurate scene? Contact us today to get the film props for your historical movie.
    The Earliest Civilizations
  • Sumerian Props
  • Ancient China Props
  • Ancient Egyptian Props
  • Mesopotamian Props
  • Ancient Crete Props
  • Mycenaen Props
  • Hittite Props
  • Phoenician Props
  • Ancient Greek Props
  • Ancient Persian Props
  • Celtic Props
  • Ancient Roman Props
    Ancient Society & Culture
  • Ancient Religious Props
    Give a gift that tells a story - Give the gift of History
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