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    Give the gift that tells a story...Give the gift of History!
     Danse Au Jardin Tapestry
    Danse Au Jardin Tapestry Danse Au Jardin Tapestry. Dimensions: 60"x44". Woven in France From a late XVIII century ...
    Price: $677.25 IA00020
     Remington Rand No. 1 Typewriter
    Remington Rand No. 1 Typewriter This Remington Rand Noiseless Typewriter, circa 1937 is in near mint condition (only ...
    Price: $599.00 PB00009
     Roman Centurion Helmet
    Roman Centurion Helmet Officer's helmet constructed of 16 gauge polished carbon steel with neck protector. Compl...
    Price: $139.15 C000491
     Robert E. Lee Folding Knife Boxed Set
    Robert E. Lee Folding Knife Boxed Set This Limited Edition, Numbered set includes an old style folding pocket knife that has as...
    Price: $29.85 C000774
     1910 - 1917 Provisional Money of the Mexican Rev
    1910 - 1917 Provisional Money of the Mexican Revolution We find ourselves in the Middle of the Mexican Revolution ( 1910 - 1917 ) with the likes of Porfi...
    Price: $39.20 P000040
     Rapier Replacement Blade 43 inches
    43" Schlager-style replacement blade only for the SH1098 rapier (hilt components not included).
    Price: $81.15 G000427
     Charleville Carbine - American Revolutionary War
    Charleville Carbine - American Revolutionary War Shortened version of the French 1763 musket this carbine was used extensively throughout the American Revolution. Full length wood stock measures 45", Weight: 4.1 lbs.
    Price: $146.40 C000064
    "When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness." - Alexis de Tocqueville.
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    Captain Charles Vane Pirate Shirt White Plus Size
    Blank Firing German Military Auto Pistol
    Damascus Hebi Tanto with wood scabbard
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    This Day in History - Oct 31

    802: Empress Irene of Byzantium driven out
    834: 1st All Hallows Eve (Halloween) observed to honor the saints
    1517: Luther posts 95 theses on Wittenberg church-Protestant Reformation
    1541: Michelangelo Buonarroti's paints "last judgement" in 16th Chapel
    1552: Emperor Karel and Markgraaf Albecht strike siege for Metz
    1596: English/French/Dutch delegates sign anti-Spanish "Drievoudig Covenant"
    1617: Laurens Reael resigns as governor-general of East-Indies
    1714: Georg Ludwig van Hannover crowned as English King George I
    1759: Earthquake in Safed Palestine kills hundred
    1793: Execution of Girondins at Paris, during Reign of Terror
    1794: John Dalton 1st lecture to Manchester Literary/Philosophical Society
    1808: Holland Brigade battle at Durango, Spain
    1815: Sir Humphrey Davy of London patents miner's safety lamp
    1837: Collision of river boat Monmouth and Trement on Miss; 300 die
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    Moonshine Dragon Oak Barrel with Black Steel Hoops - 5 Liter Moonshine Dragon Oak Barrel with Black Steel Hoops - 5 Liter
    Brass Hoop Brandy Oak Barrel with 4 Shot Glasses - 2 Liter Brass Hoop Brandy Oak Barrel with 4 Shot Glasses - 2 Liter
    Custom Cigar Barrel Humidor - 2 Liter Custom Cigar Barrel Humidor - 2 Liter
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    The Tribuneship of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
    Possibly one of the biggest mistakes of the Roman Republic was that they tried to govern an Empire with the same...
    Date: 02-04-2010
    Ancient Pompeii’s Villa of Mysteries
    Discovered in 1910, nearly two hundred years after the first excavations at Pompeii, the site later dubbed the Villa...
    Date: 12-09-2009
    December 8, 1941: The War with Japan Begins
    December 7, 1941 is the day the attack on Pearl Harbor took place. A day later The United States and Great Britain...
    Date: 12-08-2009
        If you've been looking for a Museum Store full of Historical Collectibles or Museum Gifts and Jewelry - Look no further! Welcome to The Aurora History Boutique, the museum store for history enthusiasts, living history reenactors, history collectors or those seeking unique or rare history gifts and historic replicas. Enter our museum shop to find an assortment of historical mementos and artifacts representing the most significant periods in history.

        Our museum store offers authentic reproductions from some of the most historically significant international museums: The Louvre, The British Museum, The National Archaeological Museum in Athens, The Egyptian Museum at Cairo, The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. Each museum replica is reproduced using the highest quality materials and techniques necessary to achieve an accurate representation of the original artifact, and comes with a description card that provides background on the history, mythology, location and main characteristics of the original. Inside you'll find an assortment of historical products representing the most significant periods in history, including: Egyptian Art, Oriental and Budhist Art, Hindu Art, Greek Sculptures, Neo-Classic Art, Celtic Art, Pre-Columbian Art, Mesopotamian and Assyrian Art, Ancient Goddesses, Archangels and Religious sculptures and historically accurate museum replica weapons.
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    We offer replica weapons for both the serious and casual collector. Our range of weapons are suitable for display, reenactment, theater, film or gifts.
    Replica Cannons Replica Cannons for display and collectors.
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    Replica Rifles Replica rifles and muskets for collectors, theater, film and reenactment.
    Medieval Polearms Replica spears and polearms for collectors, theater, film and reenactment.
    Museum Replicas
    Our museum replicas section offers a broad selection of historically themed home, office and diorama gifts and replicas.
    Ancient Egyptian Statues Museum reproductions of Ancient Egyptian statues and reliefs.
    Replica Ships High quality hand-built gift, collectible and museum quality replica ships.
    Pirate Clothing & Pirate Costumes Pirate outfits for theater, film and reenactment.
    History Gifts & Multimedia Find a historical gift for your home or office needs.
    Museum Store Jewelry Beautiful museum quality and historically themed jewelry.
    Crosley Radio Vintage phones, radios, record players, jukeboxes and more.
    Authentic Items
    Our authentic items will appeal to the discerning history enthusiast in your life. Choose from our range of antiques, ephemera, coins, currency and artifacts.
    Ephemera Antique newspaper prints, documents, stocks, bonds and passports.
    Artifacts Authentic historical bullets, oil lamps, beads, and primitive money.
    Antique Coins & Currency A nice selection of coins and currency spanning several centuries from ancient to modern history.
    Antique Typewriters Blickensderfers, Hammonds, Olivers, Smith Premier, Underwood, L.C. Smith & Bros., Royal, Corona and Remington.