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    Give the gift that tells a story...Give the gift of History!
     Reversible Wench Bodice (Royal Blue and Black)
    Reversible Wench Bodice (Royal Blue and Black) An elegant Reversible bodice made from highly durable & soft viscose fabric & decorate with laces...
    Price: $39.60 JA00222
     Hammond Multiplex Typewriter
    Hammond Multiplex Typewriter This vintage Hammond Multiplex Typewriter (circa 1913) has been professionally clea...
    Price: $699.00 PB00023
     Big Bang Conestoga Replica Cannon - 10FC Junior
    Big Bang Conestoga Replica Cannon - 10FC Junior Field Cannon 10FC Junior Field Cannon
    Same Continental Army style and finish as the 15FC, bu...
    Price: $143.68 FA00002
     Old West 9 foot Braided Rawhide Bull Whip
    Old West 9 foot Braided Rawhide Bull Whip This leather Bullwhip has 9 full feet of cattle cracking action! Length: 9 feet.
    Price: $39.00 C000976
     480 - 450 BC - Greek Lion Head Coins
    480 - 450 BC - Greek Lion Head Coins Kyzykos was an ancient Greek city founded as a colony of Miletos in 756 B.C.E. and located on the...
    Price: $67.20 P000016
     Practical Basket-Hilt Broadsword
    The Practical Basket-Hilt Broadsword is built for the re-enactor. The basket is identical to the ...
    Price: $298.31 G000522
     Stela to Tetisheri
    Stela to Tetisheri Replica of Egyptian original that resides at Ahmose I's pyramid complex at Abydos. To the south of the pyramid Ahmose built a shrine dedicated to his grandmother, Queen Tetisheri. T...
    Price: $86.05 TA00014
    "When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness." - Alexis de Tocqueville.
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    This Day in History - Dec 21

    1163: Hurricane hits villages in Holland/Friesland, causing floods
    1561: Archbishop Granvelle installed
    1582: Flanders adopts Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is Jan 1 1583
    1620: Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock
    1650: Johan de Witt installed as Dutch pension advisor of Dordrecht
    1688: Pro-James II-earl of Devonshire occupies Nottingham
    1762: James Cook marries Elizabeth Batts
    1784: John Jay becomes 1st U.S. Secretary of State (foreign affairs)
    1788: Hue Tay Son becomes emperor Quang Trung of Vietnam
    1829: 1st stone arch railroad bridge in U.S. dedicated, Baltimore
    1835: HMS Beagle sails into Bay of Islands (New Zealand)
    1849: 1st U.S. skating club formed (Phila)
    1864: Gen Sherman conquers Savannah
    1866: Cheyennes, Arapho's, Sioux, Fetterman Massacre
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    Replica Tuna 950 JF Blank Firing Pistol Black-Gold Finish Replica Tuna 950 JF Blank Firing Pistol Black-Gold Finish
    C-47 Dakota - US Navy C-47 Dakota - US Navy
    Big Bang Conestoga Motor Tank Red Brass Replica Cannon (5TR) Big Bang Conestoga Motor Tank Red Brass Replica Cannon (5TR)
    15th Century Pants, Brown - XL 15th Century Pants, Brown - XL
    Vinegar Aging Black Hoop Oak Barrel - 10 Liter Vinegar Aging Black Hoop Oak Barrel - 10 Liter
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    The Tribuneship of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
    Possibly one of the biggest mistakes of the Roman Republic was that they tried to govern an Empire with the same...
    Date: 02-04-2010
    Ancient Pompeii’s Villa of Mysteries
    Discovered in 1910, nearly two hundred years after the first excavations at Pompeii, the site later dubbed the Villa...
    Date: 12-09-2009
    December 8, 1941: The War with Japan Begins
    December 7, 1941 is the day the attack on Pearl Harbor took place. A day later The United States and Great Britain...
    Date: 12-08-2009
        If you've been looking for a store full of historical weapons or museum quality armor - Look no further! Welcome to The Aurora History Boutique, the store for history enthusiasts, living history reenactors, history collectors or those seeking a unique gift or historic replica. Our shop offers the widest selection of historically accurate museum replica weapons from some of the most significant periods in history.

        Inside you'll find an assortment of well researched battle worthy edged weapons, replica armor and replica guns from Windlass Steelcrafts, CAS Iberia, Deepeeka and Denix, among others. Our replica weapons include but are not limited to: ancient swords, medieval swords, renaissance swords and rapiers, polearms, spears, crossbows, daggers, flintlock pistols, muskets, cap and ball revolvers, civil war rifles, civil war swords, old west pistols, old west rifles, modern pistols and automatic machine gun replicas. We also offer blank firing guns and black powder revolvers for the serious civil war, old west or 20th century reenactor. Our replica weapons are perfect for those seeking reenactment gear or for theater groups and production companies in need of high quality historically accurate replica weapons. Our historical weapons also make great gifts for family and friends of all ages and are perfect for almost any occasion.
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    We offer replica weapons for both the serious and casual collector. Our range of weapons are suitable for display, reenactment, theater, film or gifts.
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    Replica Guns Replica pistols, replica revolvers, flintlock pistols, blank-firing pistols and black powder revolvers.
    Replica Swords Ancient Swords, Medieval Swords, Renaissance Swords, Rapiers, Pirate Swords, Civil War Swords & Modern Swords.
    Replica Rifles Replica rifles and muskets for collectors, theater, film and reenactment.
    Medieval Polearms Replica spears and polearms for collectors, theater, film and reenactment.
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    Our museum replicas section offers a broad selection of historically themed home, office and diorama gifts and replicas.
    Ancient Egyptian Statues Museum reproductions of Ancient Egyptian statues and reliefs.
    Replica Ships High quality hand-built gift, collectible and museum quality replica ships.
    Pirate Clothing & Pirate Costumes Pirate outfits for theater, film and reenactment.
    History Gifts & Multimedia Find a historical gift for your home or office needs.
    Museum Store Jewelry Beautiful museum quality and historically themed jewelry.
    Crosley Radio Vintage phones, radios, record players, jukeboxes and more.
    Authentic Items
    Our authentic items will appeal to the discerning history enthusiast in your life. Choose from our range of antiques, ephemera, coins, currency and artifacts.
    Ephemera Antique newspaper prints, documents, stocks, bonds and passports.
    Artifacts Authentic historical bullets, oil lamps, beads, and primitive money.
    Antique Coins & Currency A nice selection of coins and currency spanning several centuries from ancient to modern history.
    Antique Typewriters Blickensderfers, Hammonds, Olivers, Smith Premier, Underwood, L.C. Smith & Bros., Royal, Corona and Remington.